Training Schedule 2016

Mon - Swim session in Aura @ 21:00

Tues - Swim session Energie @ 20:15

Wed - Circuit & Spin session in Energie@ 19:30

Thurs - Swim session in Aura @ 21:00 and Energie @ 20:15

Fri - Plyometrics/Yoga session @ 19:30

Sat - Coached Run session in Oldbridge @ 10:00

Sun - Group Cycle meeting Aura @ 09:00

Summertime: Tues/Thurs 7pm open water swim Lake Bracken and Clogherhead slipway (Tues/Thurs and Sunday)

Summertime:Wed evening 7-9 Group cycling (TT) Duleek 

Training Schedule 2015

Jan/Feb 2015 training schedule

Yoga on Tuesdays

Yoga back on again for new year in Yoga Boann on Tues evenings same time as pre-Xmas. Neil will be there this evening to take bookings and organise money. ( Neil 087 8492512)

Circuit and Spin/treadmill session

Some notes on Circuit training and spin/treadmill training session this Wed in Energie.
Tom will be starting early at 6:30pm looking to do 3 hour session comprising 1.5 hrs approx of circuit training and 1.5 hrs of bike and treadmill intervals. I dont expect anyone else to do the three hours, so join in when you get there.

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Plyometric Session on Friday

Although we had a discussion on this already and decided to keep it going , I am not convinced that Friday evening is a good time for this. The main problem is that we want to support Knut's structured run training on Sat mornings (getting very good feedback on this, keep up the good work Knut !!) but this starts 13 hours after the Plyo session ends on Friday evening. 

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