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Duathlons: 20th March and 10th April
Try-a-Tri: 22nd May
Round the Head Swim :11th June
Boyne Swim: 09th July
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DTC Ironman 70.3 for Temple street

DTC members are doing the Ironman 70.3 for temple street Children's hospital.

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Duathlon Race Report, February 22nd 2015.

Duathlon Race Report, February 22nd 2015.

 Was it Arctic or Baltic? Some said it felt Arctic, others said it was Baltic, but it was certainly wretched out at Monasterboice between 8:30 and 11:30 am on Sunday 22nd February 2015, before, during and after the inaugural duathlon of 2015. Such was the weather that during set-up, we recalled with nostalgia, the cold, crisp, sunny early, spring morning of 2014, when with yard-brushes, we scraped the ice off the hard-shoulder to let the sun’s rays make the roadway safe for runners and cyclists. Arriving at race set-up at 830am, the thermometer showed 3.5°Cbut with wind chill factor it certainly felt sub-zero for the whole morning, despite a possible high of 5°C by 9:30am. That was topped off by relentless rain, which only began to lighten towards 11:30 as everyone returned home to hot baths and dry clothes.

 There was nothing slick or sophisticated about our registration station. Huddled against a hedge hoping it would lessen the biting wind coming from Monasterboice, Joe Callan held a golf umbrella over the registration table, failing desperately to keep the paper dry while the entrants’ names were scribbled in pencil onto rapidly disintegrating paper. Every few minutes, we took a photo of the soggy sheets in the hope of being able to decipher the names later. Finally, 30 brave souls were registered and the sheets were spread out to dry on the back seat of a car.

 Club members who had answered Grainne’s call to marshal for at least one of club’s duathlon secretly congratulated themselves on choosing to marshal at the February one. In relentless rain and wind, Grainne delivered the race briefing bang on schedule. With a great big cheer and visible relief, the athletes set off on the uphill stretch of their first run of the day, hoping to get some blood into their hands and feet. Legwarmers or long running tights were the order of the day, but a few hardy souls went bare-legged in shorts.

 With some excellent run times, considering the tough conditions, the first runners filtered through the gate into transition area. First runner back in a time of 13:10 was Alan O’Donnell from Fingal tri club, a position he would retain for the rest of the morning. With the last runner back just tipping 19 minutes, the transition area marshals set about trying to cope with the cold during the 20 minutes or so before the first Bike would return. Certainly, hot drinks from “The Last Lap Café” van were a Godsend, as much to warm the fingers as to drink. Welcome also were Claire McGinn’s delicious homemade cookies. Unbeknownst to us, Dara had a delicious feast of fabulously decorated cut cakes locked in her boot, which therefore survived to be offered to the finishers. It is not all about the food, but mysteriously around 10:30am, 4 boxes of chocolate bars also appeared on the wall and thank you to that donor.

 Out on the bike course, it was absolute misery for the cyclists, by all accounts. The few who had taken the time to put on waterproof overshoes certainly didn’t regret the few extra seconds. Fortunately, the rain kept motorists at home, and there was unusually little traffic on the road. We were truly blessed by this as through an extraordinary lapse not one, but two, cyclists managed to leave the transition area and pass the 4 marshals at the bike exit without anyone noticing that those two were not wearing a cycle helmet - a cardinal rule of multisport. Fate was kind to us - we got away with it on the day, with few cars and just 30 cyclists on the short stretch of road between Monasterboice and Dunleer. However, if we had 70 or 80 cyclists, heavy traffic, buses or tractors, the situation might have been very different. So, be prepared for the next race briefing to commence “anyone not wearing a cycling helmet will be immediately disqualified”. And because, of the conditions, nobody recorded their numbers, so there are two athletes on the list of finishers who by rights should have been immediately disqualified but we don’t know which two.

 The best reflection of the conditions on the bike must be the surprising number of athletes who started their runs without removing their bike helmets or the number whose red numb fingers were physically incapable of undoing their helmet strap and needed rescuing by Marion who spotted their distress. It is fair to say that there was true joy on their faces as they started out for their second run, even if uphill into driving rain and wind, as their comment universally was “at least I might warm up on the run”.

 Before the last of the athletes had come in from their cycle, the first of the runners were seen approaching the finish where they had a (relatively) pleasant downhill finish with the wind on their backs. First back was Alan O’Donnell, and while his time of 1:02:15 did not break the course record, he will be watched with great interest if he returns to Monasterboice on a “normal” day. Close on his heels was Stephen Skelly who had the fastest bike-split of the day in a time of 32:47. Third man home was Niall Thornton. Just two ladies braved the elements this time and first home was Suzanne Sheehy followed soon after by Irene Rafferty.

 And what did the athletes actually think of it all, when they finally finished? In that way which is impossible to understand, if you’ve not been there yourself at some stage, they loved it! When asked what he’d enjoyed about the event one finisher succinctly remarked “everything”.

Of course, this could not happen safely without the assistance of our friends in St John’s Ambulance who has been stalwart supporters of our events since the club formed. We also would like to thank the Valley Inn management for their support and tolerance of our event on their doorstep. We were all grateful to the man with the hot drinks van. Ultimately, the many club marshals made it possible, some having the lonely spots at the cones out at the extremes of the course at Dunleer or Monasterboice, keeping our athletes safe. The marshals at transition at least had the camaraderie of their club-mates to compare the coldness of their feet and hands, as well as access to the hot drinks and other comforts. But, to each and every athlete who braved the weather and a challenging course, we take our hats off to you, and admire your true grit and determination. Finally, to all the athletes, thank you for your generous donations which totalled €234:50 which will be shared with our chosen charities.



DTC Try a Tri results 2015

Results of the Try a tri are here. Well done to all!

DTC club gear 2015

The new club gear has been chosen, and we will be putting in an order very soon.

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